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Please find below 2 examples of video resources included in the pack:

Introduction Video Workshop

Miracle Song Video Workshop (Optional)

Mustard Seed Virtual Show 
& Online Resources










Join the Mustard Seed Show! - From November 2020

Originally commissioned by Salisbury Cathedral & Salisbury Diocese Board of Education, 

RISE Theatre are delighted to offer an interactive virtual show of the 'Mustard Seed Story' plus creative resources for schools and home learning.

Put on your own Mustard Seed Virtual Show with RISE Theatre's Online Resource Pack.

Online Resource Pack includes:

 5 x 5 minute video drama workshops with RISE Theatre

2 x 5 minute song workshops (Optional)* with RISE Theatre

4 x 2 hour classroom art activity sessions for all ages with step by step guides for teachers.

25 minute virtual Mustard Seed Show performed by RISE Theatre with pre recorded interactive sections for children of all ages to join in the show.

Step by Step User guide by the RISE Team on how to put on your own show.

Online Resource Pack Costs:

Single Form Entry School £100

Double Form Entry School £150


Receive 50% discount on your resource pack when booked alongside Gods Planet 2021Tour


Please contact Lucy at for more details about bringing the Mustard Seed Virtual Show to your school or home learning group. 


*Please note Song video workshops are optional due to COVID-19 restrictions on singing in groups. Please check current government guidelines to see if your space is COVID-secure.

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