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Get Ready for Blast off!

RISE Theatre's New Interactive Primary Day 


















After the success of 2 years touring primary schools with their Mustard Seed Day, visiting over 50 schools across the UK, RISE Theatre are developing a brand new interactive day for the whole school to take part in, going further than they have ever travelled before!

Join us on a breathtaking journey of discovery around the earth and into space,

learning about the beauty of God's creation, His incredible love for every person, and how each of us can care for our planet and the environment, from the depths of the jungle to the snow capped peaks of the north pole!

Join God's Awesome Planet!

RISE Theatre are offering primary schools the opportunity for the whole school to participate in our exciting new day 'God’s Planet'.

‘God’s Planet' features original songs written by singer-songwriter Charley Pinfold, video workshops with songs and dramatic actions taught by the RISE team, a 3 hour art activity pack for teacher facilitated sessions, all culminating in an exhilarating interactive show for the whole school to join in.

Get ready for blast off!
Each child becomes part of story, joining our character Kit on an exciting journey around planet earth - from the cold peaks of Antarctica, the depths of the sea, to the multicoloured rainforest and the never ending awe of outer space!

All of the school will take get to take part in fun creative art activities, with simple step-by-step guides provided by the RISE team in advance, for each teacher to facilitate on the day. In-between classroom art activities, EYFS, KS1 & KS2 will join together for a rehearsal in the hall to learn original songs and dramatic actions facilitated by the RISE team, ready for the afternoon show - for hybrid COVID-secure options see below. The RISE team will be on hand to coordinate the day, working together with your school to create a memorable performance.

God's epic universe!

The day is based on God the Creator (Genesis 1) with the interactive show exploring and discovering the awe and beauty in God's creation and how we are a part of God's beautiful creation - fearfully and wonderfully made!  

For booking enquiries E-mail: or Call 0118 324 7775

Hybrid Options for COVID-secure Sessions

Pre Recorded Video workshops for classroom learning:

These bite sized video workshops by the RISE team can be played in classrooms- with songs, moves and dramatic actions taught to the children at leisure, ahead of the event date.  Or to build excitement, consider setting half a day, to a day aside, for the whole school to join in learning at the same time in their classrooms, with all year groups completing creative art activities and rehearsing for the show on the same day.

Multiple shows in 1 day for one third of a school at a time:

Our team will come to your school on the event date and perform God's Planet show 3 times in one day, (45/50 minutes per show). This will allow for safe space between actors on stage and pupils, and also some degree of social distancing between bubbles.  Sadly we cannot accommodate 1 classroom per show, as 3 times is the maximum we can perform in any given day- to allow for set-up, resetting between shows and striking the set safely.

Interaction during the show:  

Children will take part in the show from their seated or standing position in the audience.  Throughout the show children will be invited to stand up and remain in their designated area and join in the songs or actions, as well as taking part in a number of fun interactions and learnt phrases from their seated position.  At no stage will children be within 2 metres of our acting team.

Tests for our team:  

Actors will take daily lateral flow tests and only be allowed on site, once a negative COVID test has been confirmed. Alongside daily temperature tests, mask wearing when not performing, strict personal hygiene, and limiting social contact outside their work bubble, we feel confident that we have reduced the risks where possible of spreading COVID-19 to your pupils and staff.

Stage & Set:

The set will be regularly cleaned and sanitised to minimise contact with possible infected surfaces.

Risk Assessment:  

Our tour risk assessment will take into account the latest COVID secure government guidelines.  We will continue to monitor the latest guidelines as they come in and adapt our tours accordingly. 

If there are any questions you may have or if you would like further clarification about how we plan to be COVID-secure then please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do whatever we can to make you feel as confident as possible having outside visitors to your school once again.

Why book?

'God’s Planet' is an opportunity for your school to learn more about practical ways we can care for our planet in a fun, accessible and engaging format. Through interactive sessions, your pupils will creatively explore climate change issues and what it means to be a good steward of our planet, as well as develop an understanding of who God is and encourage each child in their God-given potential. It is an opportunity for the whole school to participate, get creative and to share in a performance your school can be proud of.


Testimonials from "The Mustard Seed Day" A previous RISE THEATRE interactive show:


“From start to finish, a truly uplifting day! The final performance was extremely moving and spiritual as all pupils collaborated together to sing, perform and display their art. You showed us that we have an important part to play in nurturing our own growth and the growth of our community.” St George's Catholic Primary School, Harrow

"Pupils and staff loved the RISE Theatre Mustard Seed Experience. Staff commented that it was really nice to spend time with pupils and engage with them on a different level." 
Our Lady Queen of Heaven Primary School, Crawley

"Every single child was smiling and having fun, even those who deem themselves ‘too cool’. Thank you so much - we will definitely be booking again in the future!" 
Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School, Leigh.

Get a flavour of our original 'Mustard Seed Day' taking place yearly at Salisbury Cathedral:

Earth and Space


- Short morning assembly from the RISE team introducing the day

- 3 hour classroom activity pack*

- Step-by-step guides for Teacher facilitated sessions*

*provided via email 2 weeks prior to booking

- 40 min Rehearsal for KS1 Led by RISE Theatre

learning songs & dramatic actions

- 40 min Rehearsal for KS2 Led by RISE Theatre

learning songs & dramatic actions

- 20 min Rehearsal for EYFS Led by RISE Theatre

learning songs & dramatic actions

- 45 minute Afternoon interactive show for the whole school


Hybrid COVID-secure Options:

- Pre-recorded Video from the RISE team introducing the day

- 3 hour classroom activity pack*


- Step-by-step guides for teacher facilitated sessions*

*provided via email 2 weeks prior to booking

Video Workshops Led by RISE Theatre

for classroom learning of songs & dramatic actions

Multiple live shows in 1 day for one third of a school at a time in your hall or main space -  up to 3 shows in a day.

PRICE: £650.00*

Discount available across Academies and Clusters

*for venues over 200 miles from our base in Reading, we kindly request an additional contribution to our travel expenses of between £25 - £50, unless RISE Theatre receives bookings in other schools in your area on consecutive dates. Please enquire for more information.

E-mail: or Call 0118 324 7775