RISE Theatre CIC is a professional Christian theatre company with a passion for delivering 

exciting, original, transformative theatre. RISE Theatre is run as a not-for-profit Community

 Interest Company. We work at schools, churches, events and festivals across the UK

with the aim of inspiring people of all ages to realise their full potential in life.


We are passionate about creating:

- faith based stories that spark the imagination and speak to hearts and minds.

- transformative theatre that holds up a mirror to who we are and who we could be.​


Through multi-creative platforms we create opportunities for people of all ages to explore their sense of identity and purpose in the world.

We continue to engage with a wide range of organisations across the UK, taking part in national tours, commissioned plays, events, festivals, filming, stage work, training, and leading workshops in schools, churches and youth centres. 



PASSION - producing high quality professional theatre.


INTEGRITY - promoting the Christian message and remaining true to its teaching and values.


INNOVATION - pushing the boundaries and being cutting edge.


PRAYER - prayer led creativity and development.


INCLUSIVE  - every individual has something of value to offer the world no matter who they are or what their background is.


COMMITMENT - striving for high levels of client satisfaction.


TRANSFORMATIVE - theatre that brings about positive change in an individual or community.



RISE Theatre is committed to staging high quality theatre on thought provoking social and moral issues. 


Informed by Christian values, we seek to explore the diversity of creative expression through drama, music, art, visual installations and other multimedia platforms.


RISE Theatre exists to inspire people to realise their full potential in life.  


Our company is run with the following values at our core:




In January 2007 RISE Theatre was born. 

Originally commissioned by Charles Whitehead of the CREW Trust, for a one-off performance at the Celebrate Conference in North Devon, RISE Theatre began out of a simple desire to tell stories that spoke to the heart.


Our name comes from Isaiah 52:2 - “Shake off your dust; rise up” and from the outset our aim has been to create drama that not only entertains but has a transformative quality for every audience member or participant - inspiring them to “shake off their dust” and “rise up”.


Whether to challenge or inspire, each year we continue to push the parameters with our

dynamic approach.


From the smallest of seeds, a mighty tree can grow!


In the early years we existed as a drama group run in our spare time as we juggled busy jobs in London. Over the last ten years, as we've felt the call to make this a full time ministry, we have steadily grown into a small theatre company working in churches, schools and at events and festivals across the UK. Our hope is that this is just the beginning of our story...






Stephen is Artistic Director of RISE Theatre, having been with the company since 2008. Stephen writes, directs, coordinates bookings and oversees creative development as well as delivering content in schools and churches. Stephen trained at the Webber Douglas Academy. RISE Theatre credits include Soldier to Saint and White Rabbit UK Tours.

Stephen wrote his first play

commissioned by FCJ sisters for 2020 about the life of Marie Madeleine, foundress of FCJ.

Charley is Artistic Director and Co-Founder of RISE Theatre. With five years’ experience working in the media industry Charley writes, directs and oversees creative development for the company. Writer credits include God's PlanetRomero- Heartbeat of El Salvador, White RabbitSoldier to Saint, Don Bosco – ‘A Magic Saint!’ and Mustard Seed Story. Charley is also a singer-songwriter with her original songs featuring in God's Planet and her album ‘House Worth Saving’ in White Rabbit.

Martha joined RISE Theatre in 2019, offering  a wealth of experience in creative development, workshop resources and script-writing. Martha is also one of RISE Theatre’s actor and facilitators.

Martha trained at East 15 Acting School and has since worked as an actress, workshop facilitator, Director and project coordinator. We are delighted to have Martha as part of our team.