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FAITHFUL COMPANIONS explores the inspirational true story of Marie Madeleine d’Houët, foundress of an international Society of Catholic sisters called the Faithful Companions of Jesus. In this original stage production, written by Stephen Newbury of RISE Theatre, we see the courageous story of one woman’s fight to address the great need in the world around her in 19th century France and beyond, lived through steadfast devotion to Jesus Christ and responding to God’s call.


Featuring a beautiful soundtrack from BreakAway Music/Scripture Lullabies, Faithful Companions is an enthralling story of faith, love, loss, discernment, vocation, social justice and missionary zeal and provides a fascinating insight into the present day mission of the FCJ Society across the globe.


A superb new play by RISE Theatre celebrating the remarkable life of the foundress of the FcJ sisters, Marie Madeleine." Conference of Religious


"Your production enriched the hearts of all our young people. Every student I spoke to, reflected so positively about its impact." Gumley House Convent School



Performance dates are available in February and March 2023.

To book performances of 'Faithful Companions' for your school it costs:

1 performance - £750
(e.g. for a year group of 200 students, this equates to just £3.75 per student).

2 performances in a day - £875
(e.g. for two year groups of 200 students, this equates to just £2.19 per student).

3 performances in a day - £995
(e.g. for three year groups of 200 students, this equates to just £1.66 per student).

Prices include travel and expenses.*

We can offer up to 3 performances per day.
Performance sessions are typically for a maximum of 250 students at a time.
The performance lasts for approximately 75 minutes (we recommend allowing a session time of 90 minutes for students to get in and out of the school hall/theatre)

RESOURCES - we will also provide a short resource pack with suggestions for teachers to use in follow-up lessons to further explore some of the themes of the play.

* Price includes all travel, expenses and marketing packs to promote your event. However, for venues over 250 miles from our base in Reading, Berkshire, we may kindly request an additional contribution towards our travel expenses, if applicable.

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