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from the smallest of seeds, a mighty tree can grow!












The Mustard Seed Project is a community based initiative by RISE Theatre that aims to empower people in the local community to create and share their own stories through ‘Theatre Art’ - a concept that fuses art, drama, music and storytelling. 

Everyone has a story worth hearing!

Our aim is to incorporate real stories from real people in the local community. We believe that every person has a story worth hearing and seeds of value to offer. No one should be overlooked, no matter their background.


We believe there are so many ways to express creativity - from poetry to rap, dance to drumming, painting to graffiti, acting to spoken word. Our creative workshops are designed to help unlock creative potential and develop self worth and a sense of purpose in each individual.

Here are the highlights from our Reading Mustard Seed Project


Mustard Seed Project - Reading

Our first Mustard Seed Project launched in Reading on 22nd July 2017. Over the summer our team worked alongside 12 participants ages between 12-50+,  to create a 30 minute piece of Theatre Art. This culminated in a live open air performance in Reading on 16th September 2017.


Through drama, art, poetry, dance and music, each participant bravely shared their own mustard seed story about brokenness, transformation and hope. We were so proud of each participant who had to overcome so many obstacles in order to share their story. 


 During the performance, a colourful and bold tree was created on a large canvas by participants, quite literally bringing colour to the town. We witnessed real breakthrough in the lives of the participants as well as the audience who were deeply impacted by the final performance.

Mustard Seed Project - Philippines

In May 2018 two of our team, Charley and John went to Cagayan de Oro, Philippines, working alongside 24 children aged between 5 - 21 from the House of Joshua in collaboration with the Lifenet Chidlren's Foundation Charity. This marked the first international Mustard Seed Project! Many of the children living at the House of Joshua come from the streets, have been abandoned or are orphans due to a crisis.   It was in 2010 while staying in Cagayan de Oro that the first seedling concept of the Mustard Seed Project came about. What a privilege it was to finally be given the opportunity to return 8 years later and bring this project back to the heart of where these small seeds were first planted.


Mustard Seed Project - Bristol
It is our hope to launch a Bristol Mustard Seed Project in the future - particularly targeted at those who are marginalised and most vulnerable in society.  

Please keep us in your prayers as we plan for more projects in the community - for financial provision, planning and organisations to partner with.

If you think you can help with a future Mustard Seed Project please

e-mail us

We believe everyone has a story worth hearing!
We are looking for writers, painters, actors, poets, musicians, artists, dancers, designers, and simply people that want to share their story. No experience necessary just a openness to collaborate with people of all ages and backgrounds as we seek to create an inspiring piece of
Theatre Art together.
Dare to RISEup and join the Mustard Seed Project

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