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Charley Pinfold, artistic Director of RISE Theatre, is also an accomplished musician and songwriter. A couple of years ago she had the privilege of recording her original 10 track album at grammy award winning Parr Street Studios, with producer Justin Johnson.


Her music continues to inspire people of all ages in schools, churches and venues across the globe. Songs such as 'Silence', 'On Fire' and 'Dawn' have been used as a resource in schools and churches for group reflections or personal quiet time. 


This album was released as part of the national RISE Theatre tour of 'White Rabbit', an original play written and directed by Charley Pinfold and developed over 5 years with RISE Theatre.

House Worth Saving ALBUM by Charley Pinfold

  • Orignal album recording of House Worth Saving, written by Charley Pinfold.


    Tracks include:

    1 Knock Knock

    2 White Rabbit

    3 Silence

    4 House Worth Saving

    5 Sandcastles

    6 Looking Glass

    7 On Fire

    8 Rock in my Belly

    9 Just Fine

    10 Dawn


    Product: CD Format

    Audio: Stereo

    Region: ALL

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