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RISE Theatre presents its original play 'Faithful Companions' commissioned by the Faithful Companions of Jesus (FCJ). Filmed by SaGuarda Studios at Gumley House Convent School on 15th July 2021, the production features stunning performances from Martha Shrimpton, Katie Coen and Caleb Mitchell, provides a fascinating insight into the present day mission of the FCJ society across the globe and celebrates over 200 years of FCJ ministry since its formation in 1820 in France.   


FAITHFUL COMPANIONS explores the inspirational true story of Marie Madeleine d’Houët, foundress of an international Society of Catholic sisters called the Faithful Companions of Jesus. In this original stage production, written produced and directed by Stephen Newbury of RISE Theatre, we see the courageous story of one woman’s fight to address the great need in the world around her in 19th century France and beyond, lived through steadfast devotion to Jesus Christ and responding to God’s call.

Featuring a beautiful soundtrack from BreakAway Music/Scripture Lullabies, Faithful Companions is an enthralling story of faith, love, loss, discernment, vocation, social justice and missionary zeal and provides a fascinating insight into the present day mission of the FCJ Society across the globe.


Faithful Companions, Artwork & Supplementary Materials © 2022 RISE Theatre CIC. All rights reserved. Distributed by RISE Theatre CIC. 

WARNING: All rights of the producer and of the owner of the work reproduced reserved. Unauthorised copying, editing, exhibition, hiring, lending, public performance, radio or TV broadcasting of this video or any part thereof, is strictly prohibited. This DVD is not to be exported, re-supplied or distributed by way of trade outside the UK without a proper licence from RISE Theatre CIC.

Faithful Companions - DVD

  • Original Cast recording of Faithful Companions - a RISE Theatre play.


    Product: DVD (PAL)

    BBFC Rating: U

    Duration: 72 minutes

    Ratio 16:9

    Audio: Stereo 2.0

    Language: English

    Region: ALL


    Licence of use

    Faithful Companions DVD is solely intended for personal use, however, may be screened in schools for educational purposes.


    If you would like to screen Faithful Companions to members of the public whether at a free or ticketed event/meeting, please contact us for a licensing request.


    Screening Faithful Companions DVD without a licence or without prior agreement from RISE Theatre CIC is strictly prohibited.

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