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Our 45 minute 'Happiness' presentation explores how each of us is invited by God to experience life to the full! Students are encouraged to think about the following questions: 

What makes us happy in modern day culture?

Is there something deeper and more long lasting on offer?


The format is presented within a quirky fictional style TV show, with faith-based themes being explored through a fun and thought-provoking mix of short sketches, music, interviews, videos and creative reflection. We draw on recent teaching from Pope Francis, encouraging young people to explore how a relationship with God helps them to be people of faith in their everyday life, even at those times when they are struggling or feeling inadequate.


"Breaking News - happiness is spreading through the UK after a series of Joy Clouds have been spotted in several cities! What is causing this phenomenon?" Join Gerry MacIntyre and Tina Malone as they work their way through a packed line up on their morning breakfast show. With the help of their field reporter, weather girl and science guru, Gerry and Tina go on a journey of discovery to establish where true happiness can be found. Special guest appearances include runners of the Life Marathon who go on a dramatic race to make themselves happy, a superhero who strives to be perfect but seems to have missed the point! And finally a drama about a girl who is going through the motions of life, failing to recognise that she has something unique and wonderful to offer the world. 







PACKAGE 1: Presentations

1 Presentation - £500 + Travel Expenses

2 Presentations - £600 + Travel Expenses

3 Presentations - £700 + Travel Expenses


We offer 1 to 3 presentations a day for up to 250 students per session. Each session lasts for approximately 45-50 minutes.



PACKAGE 2: Presentation + Workshops

FROM £625 + Travel Expenses


1 presentation, followed by 2-4 drama workshops* breaking open the theme through creative drama games, discussion and storytelling. Drama workshops* can be tailored to 45 minute or 1 hour sessions.

*Recommended workshop size 20-25 students.

Maximum 35 students per workshop.