Drama Games & Devising

Through fun interactive drama games we get young people working

together and creating their own dramas from faith based themes.



Short sketches will be performed from our repertoire throughout the day, helping to break open the themes of the day in a visual and engaging way.


Creative Prayer & Reflection

Utilising music, testimony, drama and reflection the young people will be given the opportunity to reflect on their faith, and how, as young people within the church they can have a positive impact on the world around them.




Are you looking to run a retreat day for your Confirmation Group?


We use drama to help Confirmation Candidates learn more about what their faith means to them and how they can use the Gifts of the Holy Spirit to put their faith into action.


About the Retreat Day

We offer full and half day retreats. Our content is delivered in bite-sized chunks and incorporates a variety of formats to ensure that the young people remain engaged and interested throughout the different sessions. Our retreats include the following elements:


Activities & Discussion

Interactive sessions encouraging young people to explore the meaning and importance of the seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit and the twelve

Fruits of the Spirit.



Full Day Session - £475 + travel expenses
4 hour - 4.5 hour session (plus breaks)

Half Day Session - £385 + travel expenses
3 hour session (plus break)

Maximum 50 candidates per retreat.